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You’ve got the website, the social media presence, maybe even an online store, but still feel like your business could be doing better?

What if it’s not you or your business that’s the problem? Maybe it’s your logo. Companies represent themselves not only with a name but also with a professional, get-stuck-in-your-head logo mark.

Besides just looking good, there are many important things the right logo can do for your company. Here are our top 5:

1. Visually represents your business and its people

A logo is a visual way to encapsulate (and reveal) who you are as a company. It gives your brand a voice in the marketplace so that clients, and potential new clients, can hear you over the many other voices competing for their attention.

Your brand should express your core values, your company’s vision and the unique contribution your products and services make to the marketplace. And it starts with a great logo. Your logo mark should be something practical, easy to display on your website, products, promotional products, and employee attire.

2. Leaves customers with a good first impression

A good logo grabs attention, making a good first impression. First impressions, remember, can only be made once. And you never get a second chance to make one.

The eyes are often drawn first to the logo, maybe even before reading your company’s name. The colors, shapes, text, figures, and other unique features of a logo should unite to say quality, value, friendly, professional, cutting edge, better than the competition, or other important messages you want potential clients to associate with your business.

3. Raises expectations about the client experience

Generally, people expect you to have an updated logo, and your competition will likely have updated and refreshed logos. If yours was created on the fly when you started your business years ago and hasn’t been looked at since, your brand will seem dull or undefined.

The logo mark itself can also raise expectations. The unique value statement communicated by your logo makes people expect that kind of quality and professionalism. When you follow through and back up that updated logo with an exceptional customer experience, you will quickly build a loyal customer base.

4. Makes your company more memorable

Be careful when deciding to skimp on the basics. Just because our Aunt Sally’s great-grandson knows how to use PhotoShop doesn’t mean you should trust your entire brand to a novice. Great branding is about more than just a logo mark. Thought, planning, and crisp execution will help you stand out from your competitors.

Many people will remember your logo even if they have never been a customer —  a good (or ho-hum) logo creates your lasting impression.

5. Helps you stand out from your competition

Finally, your logo is a valuable tool in having an edge over your competition. It helps you create a brand identity, own a niche market, and engender long-term customer loyalty.

Logos distinguish one brand from another in the minds of consumers. They are marks of identification and can become marks of quality and desirability. The logo can help sell your product, and the product can help give meaning to the logo as the two are associated over time. (It works both ways.)

Can you tell we care about branding? We could drone on but we’ll stop with this: branding is more than a logo. We’d love to come alongside you and help craft the message you will tell the community, your clients, your staff, and your future customers.

Ready to Grow? Call us! We’re here to help you take the first step.  To learn more or to get started on that brand refresh you’ve been dreaming about – there’s an entire team of experts waiting to help you tell the world who you are.