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How do you drive sales and gain new customers online? There are a host of valuable approaches will certainly need to be included in a full answer to that question. But let’s face it – your main vehicle for having an online presence is your small business’ website. Your website has to be the core engine that drives Internet conversions and sales.

Here are the top 10 reasons why your Texas business may need a new website or a major rejuvenation of its existing website.

1. Your Website No Longer Represents Your Brand

Quite often, as a small business grows, it goes through a good deal of change. That’s a good thing, but you need your website to grow with you. If you have information on your website that is no longer accurate or if your business website is missing key data about your brand – it’s time for a major website overhaul!

2. It Takes Too Long For Customers To Connect

Speed is everything in the online world. People have even shorter attention spans online than they do in everyday life! You may need to simplify your Web pages to help people connect. You may need to lose a little flash in favor of functionality – in order to gain precious seconds that translate into more online sales.

3. There’s A Lack Of Visual Appeal

If your web pates are not what you would describe as beautiful, your clients are probably not describing it that way either. You don’t want your site to look and feel outdated, seem like one of those “cookie-cutter” websites, appear as if an amateur designed it, or be anything less than visually stunning.

4. Your Web Pages Are Not Mobile Friendly

There are as many or more hits from mobile devices as from laptops and PCs these days on most websites. Being mobile-friendly is no longer a luxury. It has become a basic necessity for online success. You need to be sure pages load quickly, display correctly, and function normally from all common mobile devices.

5. Visitors Have Difficulty Navigating Your Site

Easy navigation is one of the keys to a customer-friendly website. Site Visitors should always know where they are and how to get where they want to go. A site map can help keep clients from getting “lost.” Easy-to-use pop-down menus, a more streamlined menu bar, color coding, and better labeling can also help.

6. Your Web Pages Don’t Engage People

Content not only needs to be relevant but also engaging so people won’t get bored and click away from your site. Adding more pictures, video clips, and interactive material is part of the solution. But the other half of the equation is simply having text-content that is interesting and presented in a clear, convincing manner.

7. Your Current Site Lacks Calls To Action

Every website is going to have at least some call-to-action buttons, but many have not nearly enough. There is no reason why a BUY button shouldn’t be on every product/service page, for example, or why you shouldn’t promote your newsletter on every blog page.

8. Your Site Lacks Social Media Integration

Social media is so big now online that you need to integrate it into your basic website.  It’s good practice to put social media feeds on your homepage and include share buttons on blog articles and landing pages. You should also link all social media profiles to your website.

9. You Want To Add a Shopping Cart

A new or renovated website may be necessary in order to add and integrate a shopping cart that would enable you to see online. This will allow you to easily edit and update your Web shopping cart to keep inventory current and ready to SELL.

10. Your Analytics & SEO Are Poor

If your current Website is suffering from a high bounce rate, low views per visit, and poor SEO, then you may need a new site or a major overhaul in order to correct that all-important problem.

Talk to a professional SEO & Website design company today to get critical help in upgrading your Website. Small business owners of local Texas businesses can benefit from top-tier Web design at affordable rates!