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As my Junior year was coming to a close at New Mexico State, reality started to set in a little more than I had been letting it. I started asking myself what I was going to do in a year, what kind of jobs are even available, what do I want to do? An internship sounded like a good place to start, so I began searching and lucky for me I found Nobox Creative. Kim and Jentry May are the type of people you feel like you’ve known your whole life five minutes into talking with them for the first time. They were nice enough to bring me aboard for the summer to let me learn what I could and help where I was able.


As soon as I started at Nobox I began to understand how a marketing agency works and what it takes to keep all the gears moving. I started to see just how important client relationships are in a marketing setting and how it takes a team to accomplish what clients want and need. I also learned what clients “want and need” includes a lot: graphic design, web design, photo, video, strategy, and whatever else falls under the creative-marketing umbrella.


Kim made sure to give me opportunities to gain the experience I was looking for in an internship. There were definitely some learning curves, but the team patiently worked with me and helped answer any questions I had along the way. Through the work I was doing I began to learn the client-base, what their businesses looked and felt like, and how each business interacted with Nobox. The dedication that Kim (and everyone else at Nobox) showed toward each client speaks towards the time, effort, thought and passion that goes into this type of work.
Now as I go into my Senior year, I have a somewhat better idea of what I want to try to do with my career, but I know you must be passionate about the work you do or it will never be great. Kim and the team strive to put out work they are proud of, work that solves the client’s needs in the most effective way available. It is easy to overlook the details when you don’t care, but at Nobox, the little details are the most important part of a job.


I hope to take that with me, the idea that intentionality and attention to detail pay off, and ultimately a passion behind your work is what makes it special and worth doing.